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Essential Care For Your Whirlpool, Spa or Jacuzzi

Since 1991 Giardino has been helping hydrotherapy consumers to ensure their whirlpool bath or spa is clean and free of bacteria. Quite often whirlpool owners come to us when 'black-bits', body grease and limescale is starting to come out of the jets, however, the build up of harmful pathogens and germs such as pseudomonas aeruginosa starts to take place a lot earlier. With Giardino cleaning and sterilising products this can be corrected and will never happen again.

Natural Care For Your Body

"Within the essence of every flower or herb there lies a 'life-force'... Allow the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy to further enhance your hydrotherapy bathing experience. We have specifically formulated natural aromatherapy bath oils for use in your whirlpool bath, they do not affect the pump, do not create excess foaming and contain PURE natural essential oils, our customer have been using these low-foam essences for over 16 years.